Memorial Hall Recreational Tennis

  • Splendid court, set in lovely surroundings overlooking village green
  • Families and children especially welcome
  • Currently free for village children
  • Pre-booking
  • Play to suit yourself
  • Open all year
  • 1 hour playing time or longer if nobody is waiting. 
  • Please enter the court through the gate, NOT under the fence.


Season Tickets

 Family     May – April £40.00

Adult       May – April £18.00

Child       May – April   £ 9.00


  • Play as often and whenever you would like throughout the year

 Casual Players

 Adult           £ 2.00 each

Child           £ 1.00 each

 Cost per session on the day

Season Ticket holders ONLY may purchase their own gate key for a deposit of £3.



To register for a Season Ticket or for Casual Tickets contact:

 Mr & Mrs G MacGregor, 12 Beeches Lane, Hardingham

 Mr & Mrs T Elvin, 11 Beeches Lane, Hardingham


Family       Mum, Dad, [or partners], and max. 3 children 16 years and under.

Adult          17 years and older. If in F/T education then cost is the same as child Casual or  Season.

Child          5 years – 16 years living outside Hardingham.

Children living in Hardingham pay no fee BUT must register to qualify


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