Better Broadband Update

Dear Parishioners

Broadband Update

As you know, most of us have been struggling with inadequate broadband speed for years. You will remember that the Parish Council organised a petition a couple of years ago to the Director of ‘Better Broadband for Norfolk’ at County Hall which seemed to have an impact. We were then assured that Hardingham was included in the upgrade programme which would involve fibre optic cable being laid from the Hingham exchange to three distribution boxes in the village, and this would result in much improved speeds. We expected the implementation to be completed by the end of last year. We were then informed that there was a problem with achieving blanket coverage throughout the village so a more complicated solution would be required which would be more expensive than originally planned. The work would not be completed until the end of this year. We have now heard that it has been delayed for yet another year to the end of 2017. You will agree, I am sure, that this is totally unacceptable, and the Parish Council has protested in the strongest terms to this added delay.


The Director Of ‘Better Broadband for Norfolk’, Karen O’Kane, and the lead programme director from BT Openreach, John Cullum, have agreed to attend the next Parish Council meeting in the Memorial Hall on 14th November at 7pm to give a presentation on the implementation plan, and then take questions. You are strongly encouraged to attend if this is a matter close to your heart.


Yours sincerely


John Sharples

Chairman Hardingham Parish Council

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