Better Broadband Post meeting note

Many thanks to everyone who attended the Parish Council meeting on Monday.  To view to presentation please click HERE

John sent the following email to Karen which is also of interest:

Dear Karen,

Many thanks to you and John for coming along to our meeting yesterday and explaining the reasons for the delay in the implementation of our Better Broadband plan, and outlining the new plan. You know we have been extremely frustrated by the delay because the current quality of our broadband service is appalling. The general feeling at the meeting, however, was very positive towards the revised plan which is to scrap the idea of providing two interface boxes in the village area where many would not have benefitted, and to now deliver fibre optic cable to each household in the village providing virtually full, and very high speed broadband to everyone. Although the delay has been tiresome, this is an amended solution which is worth waiting for, particularly as, once implemented, will not be revisited for further upgrades. We were pleased to hear that the project has been signed off by you and work is due to start in the summer (June best case, August worst). We understand that it is difficult to estimate when the work will be finished because much depends on obstacles and difficulties which emerge once work commences. We did discuss after the meeting that communication between us was very important, so I ask that you keep me informed of progress as things happen so I can keep the village informed on our website. We will be putting a report of the meeting on our website.

I welcome your proposal to have a meeting with the major landowner, William Edwards of Hardingham Farms Ltd, to discuss tree works in advance of work commencing in order to minimise tree surgery requirements by BT Openreach which might add further delay to the project. I suspect Hardingham Farms is the only property owner within the Hardingham area where the property is more than 160m from the property boundary. So this could be discussed at the same meeting. It would be helpful to know from initial surveys which other properties might need branches removed so they can have the opportunity to get them removed before work commences. (I think I mentioned that I have just had tree surgeons in to remove trees that were threatening phone cables on my property.) I hope that any self help we can encourage on our part will help to reduce delay of the overall project.

We did point out that Nordelph Corner, Gresham Farm, Manson Green and the house on the intersection of the Dereham/ Hingham Road and the Hardingham/ Southburgh roads (hardingham-broadband-map) have not been included in the plan, but are part of Hardingham Parish. Can you please assure us that these will be catered for as well.
Kind regards


Once we have an update about the areas which are mentioned it will be added to the website.

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