Toad Patrol!

A resident is looking to organise a Toad Watch in Hardingham.  There are already three volunteers and if you are interested in joining further information is available from the Google Group for Hardingham Toad Patrol or via John Heaser, Regional Toad Watch organiser –

Essentially, anyone who wishes to join the patrol will need to fill in a “patroller declaration form” which entitles patrollers to some level of 3rd party insurance through Toad Watch.  Patrollers are asked to wear high viz jackets (a couple of spares are available if necessary) and to equip themselves with a bucket, a bright torch and if required, a pair of gloves.

The aim in Hardingham is to help the toads safely across the road and deposit them through the hedge if possible near the pond in the grounds of Hardingham Hall near the farm on the Hackford Road. Each patroller is asked to keep a tally of toads alive (saved) and dead, and any other amphibians seen, so that data can be submitted to Toadwatch. Obviously patrollers are also asked not to compromise their safety, or that of other people, in rescuing our amphibian friends.

Rota’s are available on the google group and are running now until the migration appears to be over (climate dependent).

If you cannot access the Google Group directly but would like more information, please contact the Clerk and she will pass your information on to the co-ordinator.

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