Highways Issues

The Parish Council thought that it would be useful for all residents to see the issues in the Parish which have been reported to Highways, along with their current status.  If you see any other issues that need reporting, please contact Highways directly via www.norfolk.gov.uk/potholes (for both potholes and other Highways issues)

Mill Road – Potholes – being monitored

Low Street – Sunken Drains – referred to utility companies to repair

Low Street – Surface water – all gullies to be jetted

Hardingham Rd / Hackford Rd – missing sign – no action to be taken

Low Street – missing fingerposts on two footpath signs

Plough Lane / Hingham Road – tarmac breaking up

Church Lane Crossroads – no warning sign when approaching from B1135

Church Lane Crossroads – give way painting faded

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