When Hollywood came to Hardingham!!

On 22nd November 2017, the EDP ran a full page spread about Hardingham Mill as the Horror film ‘The Shuttered Room’ is to return to Norwich for a screening to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of its release.

The link below will take you to the full article, and includes photos from both the filming and also current day.




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  1. Hello,

    PLEASE will you TRY to locate me the November 27th, 2017 actual newspaper article 9the ORIGINAL article) called WHEN HOLLYWOOD CAME TO NORFOLK and IF you can locate me just ONE original article / paper from this date let me know how much it cost and I will pay the postage cost to the USA as I am a HUGE fan and collector of the movie THE SHUTTERED ROOM and a dear friend of it’s tar Carol Lynley and I can and will make her a copy of my original article UNLESS you can locate 2 copies of this original article / paper as I do not like to add copies or print outs of anything from this movie to my SHUTTERED ROOM collection.

    GREAT ARTICLE by the way and GREATER RARE PHOTOS USED IN IT SO please try TO LOCATE ME ATLEAST one ACTUAL PAPER / ARTICLE for my SHUTTERED ROOM collection and I will send Carol a copy of mine…She will be THRILLED also!!!

    THANKS so much,


    [email protected]



  2. Dear Heidi~
    THANKS SO MUCH for replying back to my posting about the November 22nd, 2017 issue of “THE EASTERN DAILY PRESS” paper.

    This is one AMAZING article with SUPERB & truly scarce photographs of both the former Hardingham Mill, & one of my all time favorite movies “The Shuttered Room” taken on the set during the actual shooting of the film in 1966.

    I have been collecting items from the S.R. for years & years ever since I 1st saw it on late night TV in the mid 1970’s here in the States & back when it use to frequently air on TV. I have been lucky enough to collect / locate items about the movie & the Mill and just about anything to do with both of them and I am very proud of my large collection because it is almost a full time job (in a matter of speaking) to track down all of the items that I own in my Private Shuttered Room, Hardingham Mill (main filming location) and any of the several other beautiful locations the film crew shot at & I do mean that is LOVELY country with a lovely Ocean, Light House, Village area, back roads scenery & of course the ever so “C-H-A-R-M-I-N-G” Hardingham Mill House!!!

    I recall during one of my lunch visits with actress Carol Lynley during one of my trips to Hollywood Ca. where she was and still does appear at these large 3 day collector’s shows where fans as well as collector’s can shop for all types of vintage items from movies and movie history…items for sale from around the world, and also you can meet all of the famous stars that attend these shows who are there to chat with fans and or collector’s from their favorite TV shows or movies & they all gladly answer questions for you about movies and shows etc that they worked on (appeared in) and of course they have MANY photo’s at their booths they are set up at for the shows and sell any one or more of your choice for very fare prices and at no extra cost they will autograph your photo’s for your collection.

    When I 1st met Ms. Lynley in summer of 2003 at a show she was seated next to other stars and the director of perhaps her most famous movie every which is 1972″s Original 1st version of THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE (which has a HUGE fan base all on it’s own and I also collect on this movie as well as vintage collectable’s of the wonderful JUDY GARLAND.

    So anyway I stood in line to meet and speak to Ms Lynley that 1st time and it just so happens that she was in 2 of my all time FAVORITE movies ever “Shuttered Room & Poseidon Adventure”.

    When it was finally my time to meet Ms. Lynley I did not waste anytime and I pulled out my own personal color 11″ x 14′ original cinema color lobby card from S.R. and I will NEVER FORGET the expression on her face when she saw it. Her eyes got really big and she opened her mouth and said “oh my gosh, would you look at that” & NOT because it eas a rare original lobby card or anything, it isn’t but she finally told me that out of all of the folks she meets and talks to at these collector shows, she could not honestly recall when or if anyone had ever asked about S.R. because she told me that about 95% of the fans / collector’s she meets always ask her all about her memories from making “POSEIDON” & a few of her other films so this is why my lobby card and my questions I asked her about her memories from shooting S.R. in the U.K. really surprised her and she was ever so happy to talk to me about making the movie.

    I had only so much time to talk with her due to all of the other people that were lined up behind me to meet both she and other stars (mainly who appeared in Poseidon Adventure) so after she signed my S.R. lobby card for me & as I was getting rady to movie on so others could have their turn, she stood up and spoke to me in a rather low tone of voice and she asked me to please come back IF I had time that same day so that the 2 of us could talk further about S.R. and that is exactly what I did later on when the lines of people died down.

    I AM PROBABLY BORING YOU TO DEATH HERE (so I will start wrapping this up here sorry)

    So anyway we chatted at least 3 more times throughout that day as I arrived early when the show opened and I stayed until it ended that afternoon.

    So she ended up telling me just some FANTASTIC STORIES about being on the sets for S.R. and at all of the filming locations ESPECIALLY being both outside and inside of the old hardingham Mill where she said they actually filmed most of the scenes ( that featured the old mill) and only a few were shot at the studio.
    She told me how very very sad it was to actually watch the film crew set fire to the mill and then watch it burn down and she said to me that when she see’s a photo or something that reminds her about the months that she worked on the movie she still remembers how very sad both she and many locals who had gathered to watch the scene of the mill burning & she remembered how lots of folks were truly upset and flat out protested for weeks once word got around the Norfolk / Norwich and other areas about how the mill was going to be set a blaze on that day & how she recalled reading articles about the mill fire in the local newspapers & she told me herself out at the show in Hollywood, that to this very day 9especially since she is able to watch the movie either on her computer or on her DVD that was FINALLY released several years ago which was so over-sue, but yes she said that she still wishes that the director / writers of the movie could have ended the movie differently so the mill would not have been destroyed by fire although I will say that it ddi photograph VERY WELL in vivid colors and it eas filmed from many different angles.

    Speaking of newspapers Heidi, & being the serious collector that I am, it would mean so VERY MUCH to me IF you or perhaps one of your sources or what have you would please keep your eyes peeled wide open for just ONE -ORIGINAL issue of the November 22nd, 2017 EASTERN DAILY PRESS paper for me.

    Sure, I have printed off a few copies of it and it’s photo’s from on my home computer ever since I 1st learned about the feature last year but as I was saying, being such a serious collector of The Shuttered Room and all of the beautiful locations where it was filmed back in 1966, I do believe that I will not be satisfied with these print outs of the article until I own the actual newspaper itself however I am so VERY GRATEFUL that this article and all of those very rare photo’s were published to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the S.R. and I would have tried to fly to the U.K. so I could have been there at the local Norfolk Cinema theatre on the day that it was shown on the big screen.

    This must have been a real treat for those who did attend it, and I wish someone would locate a video of it even if it was recorded by an audience member’s phone just so can hear what all they talked about, in fact an audio copy would also be GREAT for me to find to listen t which I will also gladly pay for a copy for my Private collection.

    t a treat that would have been for me not to mention having the panel of people discuss and answer questions about the film after or perhaps before the movie was screened for that one time.

    I have even wondered Heidi IF this event with the panel talking about and answering audience members questions was video taped so I could perhaps buy a copy of this but someone emailed me back after I contacted them about this event and they were on the panel of folks and it seems like they told me at the time that they did not think that it was taped and or filmed which it too bad I would to at least been able to watch this and like I said I would have p flown to the U.K and attended this screening and I would have happily have flown there t attend the event by myself after I had purchased my ticket online but I did not even read much less know about this event and the screening of the Shuttered Room for the 50th ann. until a couple of days after and then it was too late not to mention it was only a ONE TIME screening.

    Then shortly AFTER I read this information I learned about the article and rare photos that appeared on the front page from that 11-22-2017 Eastern Daily Press and RIGHT AWAY I began to do LOTS of research to find out which paper featured this story and also who wrote the article and I tried and tried to locate just ONE original issue of it for my Private S.R. collection but I never had any luck and this was only a very short time after the paper was published on that day and still no one (including the lady that wrote it {a Ms. Keyes I THINK is her name} and I also think she is the one that was nice enough o email me back to tell me that all copies had sold out so I was and still am on a loosing streak as far as finding myself ONE original issue of this paper Heidi

    I am all out of any other contact sources as far as who else I might could contact and try to obtain the paper

    Lastly living in the USA makes it MUCH HARDER to locate such items from the U.K or any other countries UNLESS one just happens to turn up for sale on eay but so far NO LUCK finding the paper on ebay either so I am all out of options BUT I WILL NOT give up being the die hard fan & collector that I am of this movie so HOPEFULLY you might have some luck finding me one of them and IF you do just email me right away to let me know and I will GLADLY send you OR whoever finds me this paper say $25.00 USA Dollars and I will send a USA Postal money order {which I think is a fare offer to pay but I would be willing to pay more for one of them if need be!!!

    it’s really strange how I can locate and purchase ALL of these original 1960’s movie posters from different countries as well original photographs from old newspaper archives, and just all of the other vintage material that I own from the movie but I am having no luck what so ever having someone locate me
    such a recent paper that was published only in Nov. 2017 & what worried me Heidi is the fact that the more time that passes, the HARDER it is going to be for me or anyone for that matter to locate one f them so again any help that you can give me or any sources you may have that might can find me 1 of these original papers would THRILL ME beyond words…Yep, I am a die hard fan & collector am I not?

    Oh and just 1 more thing…I did manage to track down some long forgotten film footage with interviews with some of the cast members including Ms. Lynley and additional footage that was shot on the set of the movie mostly at the Hardinham Mill but the cost in USA Dollars is a little steep for me at the moment ( $about $115.00 USA Dollars to have this footage put onto a DVD for me for my private collection in fact I do NOT even know any other S.R. collector’s but that’s ok because I have always been a Private Collector and I am THRILLED that at least I dug and dug and researched for days, even weeks 9and still do for other S.R. material) so at least I know who owns the film and that they talked it over 7 agreed to sell me a copy of it ONLY IF I sign something stating that I will NOT share or make copies much less sell copies of my DVD once I am afford to purchase it but being on USA Government disability 9due to a past horrible automobile accident {at no fault of my own} then I had to have 12 different neck, back “spinal cord surgeries” in the last 12 years so I can no longer work and am in a fixed income BUT I WILL eventually buy this DVD of the rare film footage in the NEAR future now that all of the gift buying is over with from Christmas.

    I WILL” for sure” eventually find someone who will write me back to let me know they DID finally locate me one of the newspapers as I am a very determined person much less collector so just please keep me in mind about it and my all means email me if and when you have ANY LUCK your way locating one of them for me and IF $25 USA Dollars is not enough to pay for one of them like I said I will manage to pay more for one of them if I need to Heidi.

    THANK YOU & THANK YOU for taking out the time from your busy schedule to read all of this 9or at least I HOPE this email did not put you to sleep reading ALL of it LOL.

    By all means, PLEASE will you keep me posted ad use any and all sources you may have to try and find this paper for me & IF you happen to ever come across any older books (perhaps any that are all about those one of a kind lovely old U.K. Mill’s} OR ANYTHING ELSE you may come across about the movie and about the old hardingham Mill (and I have seen a wonderful website online a few years ago that features lots of other very rare photos of Hadingham Mill House…just PLEASE email me and let me know IF and what you may come across in the future but again my MAIN GOAL is to FINALLY find and be able to add the original Eastern Daily Press “original” newspaper to a ‘RESERVED large page in my large S.R. / Hardingham Mill etc scrapbook.

    I do need help in doing so especially since the USA is very limited as far as Shuttered Room material goes mainly because it by no means was a big box office success and since it was shot in the U.K makes items sooooooooooo much harder to track down material on this UK movie.

    I will continue to think POSITIVE that I will find someone in the future that will be able to find me this 2017 newspaper!!!!

    Have a GREAT weekend Heidi,


    PS- IF and when you have ANY information for me, PLEASE will you ONLY email me at my email address bwlow as I may not see your posting through here UNLESS it is sent to my email address below



    [email protected]


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