When Hollywood came to Hardingham!!

On 22nd November 2017, the EDP ran a full page spread about Hardingham Mill as the Horror film ‘The Shuttered Room’ is to return to Norwich for a screening to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of its release.

The link below will take you to the full article, and includes photos from both the filming and also current day.




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  1. Hello,

    PLEASE will you TRY to locate me the November 27th, 2017 actual newspaper article 9the ORIGINAL article) called WHEN HOLLYWOOD CAME TO NORFOLK and IF you can locate me just ONE original article / paper from this date let me know how much it cost and I will pay the postage cost to the USA as I am a HUGE fan and collector of the movie THE SHUTTERED ROOM and a dear friend of it’s tar Carol Lynley and I can and will make her a copy of my original article UNLESS you can locate 2 copies of this original article / paper as I do not like to add copies or print outs of anything from this movie to my SHUTTERED ROOM collection.

    GREAT ARTICLE by the way and GREATER RARE PHOTOS USED IN IT SO please try TO LOCATE ME ATLEAST one ACTUAL PAPER / ARTICLE for my SHUTTERED ROOM collection and I will send Carol a copy of mine…She will be THRILLED also!!!

    THANKS so much,


    [email protected]



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