Broadband Update – January 2018

The following was received from the Better Broadband for Norfolk team:

“Overhead fibres are currently being implemented and the first two of the four Fibre to the Premises solutions will be live by end March covering Hardingham and White Cross.  The build will then continue to Dane Moor Green, Low Street and the Lings


Better Broadband for Norfolk”

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  1. Bruce Read says:

    Are there any more updates on this?…end of March has gone and it has not happened yet!

    • Heidi Frary says:

      Hi Bruce –

      The latest update from Norfolk County Council was received last week: ‘Most of the cabling work is complete, but will continue into early April which will then be followed by commissioning work. I’d now expect services to be available by end of April’ – fingers crossed!!


      • Bruce Read says:

        Not for us – I’m told summer/autumn!….I was initially told September last year!

        • Heidi Frary says:

          I’ve been told today by NCC that the first FTTP solution is technically complete and is currently being audited before we release it to the commissioning team. These audits are standard process for Openreach to ensure end to end testing has taken place to ensure when people order services and the engineer comes to install it works.

          This first group expected to be live by the end of June

          The next section swill then follow

  2. Bruce Read says:

    thanks for the update, I was wondering as not much seems too be happening – particularly towards us at the end!

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