Broadband Update – August 2018 (2)

I received notification from Karen O’Kane, NCC on 7th August saying ‘Just to let you know issues have been resolved and the solution is now live’.  I have heard from other residents that this may not be the case.  If you have issues with broadband please either contact me (Clerk to the Parish Council) and I will pass the message to Karen, or contact her directly through the ‘get in touch’ section of the website:


4 Responses to Broadband Update – August 2018 (2)

  1. Catherine Fraser says:

    Do you happen to know when the fibre will be coming to Low Street? I have a sneaky suspicion they are going to want to wait until the new houses are built and then do it all in one go but you might know something to the contrary!


  2. Catherine Fraser says:

    Hi, do you know what is the progress with the fibre coming to Low Street? I have a sneaky suspicion they will put it off until the new houses are built so they can do it all in one go, however of course I could be completely wrong!!

    If you had any updates that would be great – thankyou!!

    • Heidi Frary says:

      Thanks for your message. All the updates I receive are added to the website – if you have a specific question I suggest you contact Karen O’Kane at Norfolk County Council directly – her email address is [email protected] – Good luck! Heidi

  3. Jonathan Pace says:

    Hello Heidi
    I have written to Karen O’Kane
    asking how long it might be
    before our area goes green
    on the broadband map. It looks as if the
    roll out to those of us beyond
    the village green area is stalled.
    I am in Mill Road beyond the railway,
    shown as yellow like all other outlying properties / areas.
    Any further news please would be much appreciated. Karen told me in April
    we should be done by end of summer
    . It’s a long summer !!
    Best regards

    Jonathan Pace. Summer Barn. Mill Road