January 19 Broadband Update from NCC

This update is somewhat more detailed as I have had communication from a small group of residents in the postcode area indicated by the pin on the map, questioning the validity of the updates I’ve provided you.   I can confirm we are still on track for the end of February for engineering works to be completed, but here is more detail which I intend sending to those residents and copying you in.

This is a single complex implementation with three legs of fibre.  To date the following works have taken place:



Prior to the Christmas break the “Red Route” on the map had civil engineering works completed including ducting and pole erection (Danemore Green), ducting tends to present more risk of engineering issues and therefore the works on this leg of the route were scheduled first.  The steel duct across the railway bridge on this route has been partially validated but a full ‘Rod and Rope’ test is required before the fibre can be installed along the entire RED Route.



Between the 2nd and 4th January a rod and rope exercise was completed for this railway crossing and further validation of access for Mill Road.  This confirmed the route as viable and works will take place in February.



BLUE Route works which includes pole work, tree cutting and fibre install begins tomorrow and is expected to take 4 weeks.  The route is 4km in length which includes the ‘side shoots’ required to serve properties on side roads

Since my last update to you on 5th January, the confirmation of the successful Rod and Rope for the GREEN Route (last week) has confirmed the overall civil engineering works required for the whole scheme and allowed completion of scheduling. 


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