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Battle’s Over – 100 Years of Remembrance Commemoration

Hardingham Parish Council and Memorial Hall are planning to join the national Commemoration of the end of the Great War on November 11th 2018. There is a national timetable of events which we will be participating in. Full details of the event in Hardingham will be publicised later but please do put the date in your diary. It will certainly include lighting of a beacon, fireworks and a Hog Roast.

One part of the planned events will be an Exhibition in the Memorial Hall of memories, artefacts, film, music, poetry, and anything else relating to those years of strife. Although the families of most of those who fought in the Great War have moved away from the village, we all had relatives who fought, or were involved in another way such as nursing, women working on the land or in factories. You may have some things that have been passed down through the family, even if it is just stories that you heard as children. Please could you hunt through all those boxes in the loft, and help us to put a great exhibition in the Hall. If you have any correspondence or photographs from those years, could we photocopy them? If you know something, or have something, please do not assume that it will be on an official record somewhere. The majority of records from the Great War were in fact destroyed by enemy action during the second World War.

There will be poetry reading at some point in the evening. If you have any favourite poems relating to the Great War, please let us know.

Neil Hickman (Keepers Cottage, Policeman’s Loke. 01953 850858 Email: [email protected] ) is co-ordinating the Exhibition. If you have any pieces that you would be willing to loan or at least photocopy, please contact Neil.

Commemoration Committee

John Sharples, Henry Edwards, Neil Hickman, Alison Gibb, Jane Strudwick

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